Keeping the Patient at the Center of Innovation

When it comes to supporting patient-centered medical innovation, Jeff Allen, executive director of Friends of Cancer Research (Friends), is an expert. Friends is a leading voice in proposing and advocating for solutions that will get treatments to patients in the safest and quickest ways possible.

Clinical research is a complex enterprise, but one in which patients can play a critical role. “Keeping the patient at the ...

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Innovation Matters

Through the number of lives lost, human suffering, lost productivity, and the cost to the economy, cancer affects everyone. As we note in our white paper, Securing the Future of Innovation in Cancer Treatment, more than 1.6 million Americans are diagnosed each year, resulting in more than 585,000 deaths each year due to cancer. It is time to put cancer innovation on the national agenda, and work towards ...

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Clinical Trials Pave the Way for Medical Innovation

Medical innovation saves lives, enhances quality of life, improves public health and productivity, creates jobs, and adds economic value to society. The resulting breakthroughs also provide hope to cancer patients worldwide. In the last 15 years, discoveries in treatment and innovation have saved 50 million life years; progressive gains in medical innovation are what propel these breakthrough cures. This all starts with the clinical trial system.

It is important ...

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Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocate — Judy Hodges' Story

Judy Hodges, both a patient advocate and breast cancer survivor, connected with Project Innovation to share her story captured in this video.

In 1995, one of Judy’s three daughters became sick. They spent five years traveling throughout the country, meeting with pediatric neurologists, and working hard to get a diagnosis. Throughout the process, Judy became a patient advocate, and was able to find her daughter the help that she needed. In 2006, Judy was diagnosed ...

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Medical Innovation Provides Hope for the Future — Susan Gorky's Story

Susan Gorky, a two-time cancer survivor, connected with Project Innovation to share her story captured in this video.

Originally diagnosed with a rare form of head and neck cancer followed by breast cancer, Susan has made it her life's work to continue medical advancement in the oncology field. When a patient is first diagnosed with cancer, Susan explains, the initial thought is fear. Yet while fear is an understandable first reaction, continued innovation provides hope for ...

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The Importance of Clinical Trials — Brenda Hawkes’ Story

Project Innovation recently connected with cancer survivor Brenda Hawkes, who discussed the importance of clinical trials and the impact on cancer patients.

Brenda had a rare form of breast cancer accompanied by a gene mutation. Without prior clinical trial research, there likely would not have been knowledge on Brenda’s disease nor the medicine available to treat it. However, because of the research and clinical trials  conducted over the years, physicians were ...

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Support Medical Innovation to Save Lives

We know that cancer cures are born of medical innovation and we need to provide the 1.6 million Americans diagnosed with cancer every year with new treatments, therapies, and public policies in order to save their lives. Our goal is to achieve global awareness to increase the pace of medical innovation, bringing together cancer researchers, policymakers, and advocates to ...

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From the ASCO 2014 Show Floor: Bob Tufts' Story

Project Innovation connected with Bob Tufts, a cancer survivor, at ASCO 2014. He discussed the importance of access to cutting-edge drugs and therapies, which ultimately saved his life. Bob noted that following the guide set by HIV patients, cancer patients need to work directly with key stakeholders to ensure their voice is heard.

Hear more from the ASCO meeting floor here: 

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Project Innovation at the 15th Annual Patient Congress

This week, the National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF) hosts its 15th annual Patient Congress in Washington, D.C. Over 125 advocates, including patients, caregivers, physicians, and advocacy group representatives, will then meet with their Congressional representatives to advocate on this year’s issue: addressing medical debt.

Cancer patients, even those who have insurance, too often face significant medical expenses that can lead ...

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From the ASCO 2014 Show Floor: Don Wright's Story

While fewer than 5% of adults with cancer participate in clinical trials, the benefits that trials can provide for both patients and researchers are numerous. Not only do trials help health care providers and scientists measure the effectiveness of new medicines; they can also provide patients with new hope and a chance at a better prognosis.

Project Innovation had the pleasure of speaking with ...

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