Fostering Innovation Through Personalized Data

Through years of research and clinical testing, we can confirm that cancer is not just one disease, but more than 200 different diseases. And as Joel White, President of the Council for Affordable Health Coverage states, if we are going to get serious about curing each of these cancers, we need better data. Better data requires innovative thinking and as Joel notes, “We can’t not afford to innovate.”

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Making Strides in Innovation Through Cancer Research

Lori Williams of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, believes that we are on the edge of making tremendous strides in innovation. To maintain this progress, it is important that we continue conducting research in both the laboratory and clinical settings.

Thanks to advancements in medical research, we have seen certain cancers go from incurable with just a few months of survival, to treatments producing survival rates of years. However, Lori notes that the ...

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An Exciting Time in the Clinical Environment

Barry Fortner, President of ION Solutions, believes it is an exciting time in today’s clinical environment. We not only have the ability to advance medical innovation at the clinical level, but — in the near future — will have the opportunity to make to make these clinical decisions available to every cancer patient.

These new clinical decisions, as Barry explains, may include clinical ...

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Creating a Culture of Innovation

Technological advancements have increased communication and access to information via cell phones, mobile apps, and digital platforms. Christian Downs believes that people will note these rapid developments made over the past decade, and will have the same expectations for advances in healthcare innovation.

Downs, the Executive Director at the

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Medical Innovation Means More Treatment Options

At 37-years-old, Shelby Adams was diagnosed with stage 3A metastatic breast cancer, and underwent four months of chemotherapy, an unexpected mastectomy, and 35 treatments of radiation therapy. However, as she states in her video, due to her metastasis, the number one recommended treatment option for her is endocrine therapy and the suppression of her ovaries.

Shelby articulates that she is not satisfied ...

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Share Your Video Story with Project Innovation

Over the past few months, Project Innovation has had the privilege of connecting with numerous cancer patients, patient advocates, and advocacy group members to discuss how cancer has affected them and the power that medical innovation can provide in cancer treatments and cures. Each voice is equally compelling and important and now we want to hear from you.

Add your voice to the dialogue and tell us your experience with cancer and the role that innovation has ...

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The Time for Innovation is Now

Kim Thiboldeaux, president and CEO of the Cancer Support Community, stresses that there are several major factors that make for a successful environment to further the advancement of medical research.

With the greatest risk factor for a cancer diagnosis being age, Kim emphasizes the alarming fact that there are currently ...

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Advocate for Medical Innovation

Carolyn Aldige, president and founder of the Prevent Cancer Foundation, knows firsthand the power that medical innovation brings to cancer patients and their families.

Carolyn started the Prevent Cancer Foundation in 1985, in memory of her father who died of cancer one year earlier; since that time, the foundation has fulfilled its mission of saving lives through cancer prevention and early detection by focusing ...

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It is Time For New Milestones in Childhood Cancer

Perhaps no cancer is more devastating than those that affect our nation’s children. But thanks to medical innovation, more children are surviving cancer than ever before. As of January 1, 2010, there were approximately 380,000 survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer alive in the United States.

Although we have made advances and progress over the years, the need to accelerate innovation in childhood cancer is more crucial than ever. Cancer still remains the leading ...

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Bring Action to Awareness in September

September marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new season with schools and congress back in session. It is also a national month of awareness for leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, gynecological cancer, thyroid cancer, and childhood cancer. These cancers will affect nearly 582,000 people in the United States in 2014 alone.

This September, we must turn our awareness into action in order to close the gap between the science of ...

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