Mythbusting Cancer Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are at the heart of delivering breakthrough medicines to patients and saving lives. Without these research studies, there would be no better tests, treatments, and possible cures for the more than 200 types of cancer. Unfortunately, however, fewer than 5 percent of adult cancer patients enroll in a clinical trial.

One of the reasons that more cancer patients don’t participate in clinical trials is due to some common misperceptions about how these studies ...

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The Future of Cancer Care Begins with Clinical Trials

Toni Kay Mangskau, an active volunteer with the National Patient Advocate Foundation, American Cancer Society, and Minnesota Patient Advocacy Foundation, has authored a blog post on the American Association for Cancer Research website entitled, A Simple Act: Increasing Clinical Trial Participation. Toni has significant hands on professional experience in helping patients access clinical ...

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Innovation Can Beat Cancer

Health care innovation is happening at a rapid pace. From the rise of personalized medicine and genome mapping to the release of Apple’s ResearchKit, we are experiencing breakthroughs that are changing the face of cancer diagnoses, treatments, and cures. While research is quickly advancing, our laws and regulatory approvals are not keeping pace.

Congress is working on a nonpartisan issue that will have a ...

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Clinical Trials: The Crux of Cancer Innovation

May marks National Cancer Research Month, a time when people across the country unite in recognizing the life changing achievements that result from high-quality, innovative cancer research.

Clinical trials are at the heart of cancer research, playing a major role in delivering breakthrough medicines to patients and saving lives. They are an essential piece to the larger puzzle of providing cancer patients with the most cutting-edge and innovative treatments available. ...

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Innovation in Genomic Testing

Two years ago, Heather Follweiler didn’t think that she would be here to share her story, after diagnosis with an inoperable brain tumor.  However, innovation in oncology through genomic testing saved her life.

Medical innovation is essential to ensuring access to new and life-saving treatments, increasing quality of life, and advancing cancer research at a scientific level. In our white ...

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Advocating for Medical Innovation

While medical research can provide many things to cancer patients — including improved outcomes, breakthrough medications, and hope — patient advocate Michelle Flowers puts it very simply: “Access to drugs means access to life.” Michelle and cancer survivor, Laurie Rozgonyi, discuss the importance of medical innovation and how we can further education regarding clinical trials.

Clinical trials can ensure that medical science advances as hastily as possible ...

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"Cancer Can Be Beat"

Over the years, investments in cancer research have led to breakthrough treatments, tackling some of the world’s largest health crises, notably polio, chronic myeloid leukemia, childhood leukemia, and HIV. As we address in our white paper, Securing the Future of Innovation in Cancer Treatment, these breakthroughs can — and should — be replicated so that we can turn cancer from a deadly illness to a ...

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Advocate for Clinical Trials

Paula Rieger, a patient advocate and former CEO of the Oncology Nursing Society, shares how the evolution of technology has further contributed to medical innovation.

Technology has changed the way that we conduct business, having especially altered the ways in which we have advanced health care. We now have an increased knowledge of cancer, and thus have developed new ways to treat ...

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Advancing Innovation Through Personalized Medicine

Amy M. Miller, Ph.D., is the executive vice president of the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC). For nearly a decade, she has worked with innovators, scientists, providers, and payers to reach consensus on policy issues impacting personalized medicine. 


We live ...

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The Power of an Advocate’s Voice

For years, patient advocates have connected with Congress, hosted awareness walks, and participated in rallies, all with the goal of providing cancer patients with high-quality cancer care and innovative treatments. Julie Houston and Frank Luzzo know the power of an advocate’s voice in the lives of cancer patients, and work to ensure that policymakers make patient-focused decisions about treatment options.

Julie, a volunteer liaison at

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